Observing Nonverbal Behavior

observing nonverbal behavior

Observing Nonverbal Behavior to Understand Emotions

Comprehensive Online training-program, with…

  • Tutorial Sessions of total duration of around 5 hours
  • 19 Exercises with 200+ video-clips
  • Exercise on micro-expressions
  • ‘Certificate of Completion’ after comprehensive evaluation
  • A year-long subscription of the program, for practice and revision
  • Regular updates on the topic

Note: This program includes the variant “Reading Faces for Spotting Emotions”

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You might have two questions in your mind – first – Why do we need to understand emotions? Well! The reason is that beneath our thoughts and ideas, the real shapers of our lives – day in day out –are our emotions. They overpower intellect, invoke thoughts, revoke plans, govern reactions, shape attitudes, direct behavior, and influence decisions. So understanding emotions is the most genuine way to connect to someone.Next, you might ask – How does ‘observing nonverbal behavior’ help us understand emotions? Here, it is important to know that while people’s words are deliberate and are regulated to serve their motives, people’s nonverbal behavior is guided more by evolutionarily older parts of the brain and thus represents emotions more authentically through involuntary expressions, gestures and postures.

This skill of ‘observing nonverbal behavior to understand emotions’, positioned at intersection of social intelligence and emotional intelligence, can benefit you immensely in both your personal and professional orbits. Personally, you can have more fulfilling & meaningful connection as a family-member, parent, spouse, friend or a beloved.

On the other hand, as a manager, you can bring out the best in your team members; as a marketer, you can influence clients ethically; as an SCM professional, you can be effective in negotiations; as an HR professional, you can assess a candidate better; as a teacher/mentor, you can relate better with students; as a medical professional, you can diagnose with precision; and as a law & security enforcement professional, you can probe effectively.
We, at Socialigence, approach body language through domains of social intelligence and emotional intelligence. Our course on “observing nonverbal behavior to understand emotions” is a uniquely designed online self-development course that rises way beyond shallow body language concepts and is rooted in the researches in neuroscience and psychology. That’s what makes it scientific, structured and applicable.

Observing Behavior of:

  • Arms & Hands
  • Legs & Feet
  • Torso & Head
  • Eyes
  • Autonomic Signals
  • Vocal Cues 
Observing Behavior of Face Detecting Deception through:

  • Body Clues
  • Facial Clues
  • Verbal Clues



‘Observing Nonverbal Behavior to Understand Emotions’





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