Reading Faces for Spotting Emotions

    Reading Faces for Spotting Emotions

    Reading Faces for Spotting Emotions

    Online training-program, with…

    • Tutorial Sessions of total duration of around 2 hours
    • 6 Exercises with 60+ video-clips
    • Exercise on micro-expressions
    • Certificate of Completion’ after evaluation
    • A year-long subscription of the program, for practice and revision
    • Regular updates on the topic

    Note: This variant is included in the Comprehensive Online training-program for “Observing Nonverbal Behavior to Understand Emotions”.

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    Let’s first understand why is it important to read face? Well! Human face is capable of making over 10,000 expressions and around 3,000 of them are relevant to emotions. In fact, there are 33 muscle groups in the face whose primary purpose is to transmit emotional signals as a part of interpersonal skills.Now, while the body language can convey a person’s emotional state, only the face can show the exact emotion a person is feeling. All emotions have specific facial configurations, and they are the key to spot emotions. They appear as micro-expressions or subtle expressions, and spotting them is a skill that can be learnt by detailed knowledge and practice.

    Next, you might ask – Why is it important to spot exact emotion? Well! That’s the difference between a layman and a person with social intelligence and emotional intelligence. While one can do a preliminary assessment of body language, still it is only the deeper understanding of how to spot someone’s exact emotion that would help one engineer the most apt and purposeful response.

    It is crucial in all situations involving interpersonal skills. So when a manager is trying to motivate a junior, a marketer is trying to close a deal, an HR professional is handling a grievance, an SCM professional is negotiating with a channel partner, a teacher is counseling a student, or a medical professional or a law-enforcement professional is probing to know the truth, observing body language is not enough. It is important to read face to spot emotions.
    We, at Socialigence, approach body language through domains of social intelligence and emotional intelligence. Our course on “reading faces for spotting emotions” is a uniquely designed online self-development course that is rooted in the researches in neuroscience and psychology. That’s what makes it scientific, structured and applicable.

    Observing Behavior of:

    • Arms & Hands
    • Legs & Feet
    • Torso & Head
    • Eyes
    • Autonomic Signals
    • Vocal Cues 
    Observing Behavior of Face Detecting Deception through:

    • Body Clues
    • Facial Clues
    • Verbal Clues



    ‘Reading Faces for Spotting Emotions’





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