A blog-post on Social Intelligence – Observing Nonverbal Behavior and Understanding Emotions – by Dr. Sandeep Atre

The most important quality of fulfilled relationships is ‘emotional connectedness’!


And in order to connect emotionally, you have to first understand how someone is feeling; which can only be done by observing other person’s expressions, gestures and postures – because while words express thoughts, only body expresses emotions.

And that’s where successful couples differ from less-successful ones! In an important study, researchers Carton, Kessler and Pape from Wisconsin found that inability to decode ‘facial expressions & tone of voice’ was correlated with lesser well-being and greater depression in relationships.

And what’s more strange is that researchers Noller & Venardos found that people who lacked this social intelligence weren’t even aware of their difficulties, believing all the while that they were rather pretty good at it. Well! This ignorance definitely isn’t bliss.

So… Read ‘em or Lose ‘em.

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Dr. Sandeep Atre, Founder Director, Socialigence – Developing Social Intelligence

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PS: All inputs on observing nonverbal behavior should be applied after establishing the baseline behavior.