An article on Social Intelligence – Observing Nonverbal Behavior and Understanding Emotions – by Dr. Sandeep Atre

People are not biggest asset of a company…’right people’ are.

Hiring people with the right intellect, skills, values and cultural-match is the most important aspect of management. And it’s HR that recruits, refines and retains ‘talent’. See it this way… What is the cost of selecting a wrong person? Non-performance, low team-morale, misrepresentation, misconduct, security-breach and even corporate frauds.

However, what is the cost of rejecting a right person? Mediocrity, stagnancy, or loss of a potential competitive-edge. So it all boils down to that ‘moment of truth’ – interviewing. Tools like psychometric tests, background check or reference check can be neutralized. Also they cannot be used real-time as a companion in the process. Here, Social intelligence helps.

By observing and interpreting candidates’ expressions, gestures and postures, an HR person can understand their emotional-states, complexes or insecurities, and read into attempts to deceive, hide or override the truth. And then, with intelligent probing and evaluation, an HR person can either offset an unfavorable outcome or seize an opportunity.


As they say… “People get hired for their skills but get fired for their attitude”. So, how about hiring right!


Dr. Sandeep Atre, Founder Director, Socialigence – Developing Social Intelligence – Specialized Online Courses and Customized workshops on Observing Nonverbal Behavior and Understanding Emotions
PS: All inputs on observing nonverbal behavior should be applied after establishing the baseline behavior.