Role of ‘Social Intelligence’ in ‘Understanding Emotions’ and ‘Detecting Deception’

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Dr. Sandeep Atre has featured at various prestigious platforms as a Keynote speaker and is known for his ability to convey ‘profound and applicable’ concepts in a ‘simplified and interesting’ manner.

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Event Highlights

  • What is Social Intelligence, and why is it important?
  • What are Emotions, and why are they impulsive?
  • The Interconnections between Emotions and Nonverbal Behavior
  • Why it is Important to get into Details of Nonverbal Behavior
  • Fundamental ‘Body Signals’ of ‘Appeal and Avoidance’
  • Facial Expressions of ‘Seven Basic Emotions’
  • Major Autonomic Signals and how they can be spotted.
  • Basic ways in which people tell Lies
  • Detecting Deception through Body-clues and Facial-clues
  • Caveats in Detecting Deception

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Event Feedback

“The session was very informative and useful in real life. Besides this, it is a pleasure to have a trainer who is in complete command of his subject”
Mr. Ashish Prabhakar, ADSP
“The session was in a very relevant area and was beautifully and professionally delivered by Dr. Sandeep Atre. The subject needs to be introduced at training institutes of all the police organizations, and personally I believe it should be included even at the secondary school level”
Mr. Jaideep Singh Hooda, DCIO, IB, MHA
“The session on social intelligence was quite useful as it is a learning which is very essential to resolving conflicts in personal and professional life. This should essentially be a part of any foundation course for officers in Government or managers in public/private sector. It will definitely lead to introspective behavior”
Mr. Srishtiraj, Commandant
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