What Is Socialigence

Socialigence is a unique venture specializing in the development of Social & Emotional Intelligence through its online courses & customized workshops. We offer well-researched and comprehensive training to develop skills that are immensely useful for:

managers to develop a better connect with team-members, and bring out the best in them; marketing professionals,Sales personnel and people in customer-interfacing jobs to develop sensitivity to clients’ needs; recruiters, teachers, doctors and law-enforcement professionals to improve effectiveness; and ‘all of us’ to be a better family-member, parent, spouse, friend or a beloved.


With methodical design and learning-friendly features, our research-based online courses develop
the essential skills of ‘Social & Emotional Intelligence’ in an applicable and beneficial manner.


Observing Nonverbal Behavior
to Understand Emotions



Reading Faces for
Spotting Emotions



Detecting Deception


How It Works

Choose Program

Take a look at details of the training programs we offer and choose a program of your choice. Make payment online and get enrolled in seconds.

Watch Videos

Once you enroll, you can learn by watching all the lessons in an interactive video format one after the other in order (or as per your preference).

Practice Exercises

Between the lessons, you will come across exercises which will help you apply the concepts and test your skills as you progress.


Rooted in the researches in neuroscience and psychology, our customized workshops equip participants with applicable techniques to practice ‘Social & Emotional Intelligence’ skillfully at work.

Social Intelligence Body Language Training Videos

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