• The Neuroscience of Suicidal Tendencies

    Suicide is as much complex as it is sad or unfortunate. How can someone take their own life? Why would someone want to end it all? These questions are puzzles that almost all behavioral-science domains have long sought answers to. Yet, there are ... Read in Detail
  • A Brief History of Emotional Intelligence

    In the early days of Emotional Intelligence, The Harvard Business Review hailed it as one of the most influential business ideas that is “ground-breaking and paradigm-shattering”. Today the term sits proudly at the intersection of management... Read in Detail
  • How to prevent office politics and build greater rapport!

    Have you ever considered the gravity of the fact that we spend most of the waking hours of most of our adult life not at home but in office…not with parents but seniors…not with life-partner but colleagues…not with our kids but our juniors!... Read in Detail
  • Why teenagers behave the way they do!

    They are temperamental – can change from overexcited to glum in a moment, only to relapse into the zing again. They are reckless – can go to any extent to chase a high or belong to a clique, only to wonder later why they did so. They are cock... Read in Detail
  • Why most techies suck at management – the simple secret of soft skills!

    They say “After first two levels in a hierarchy, every profile is essentially managerial”. Well, even if the statement is guilty of taking some cinematic liberty to paint management larger than life, if you look at the KRAs and JDs, or hear t... Read in Detail
  • Never get emotionally shut down!

    It’s a strange world. There are so many of us out here and still there are so many of us who feel lonely… there are so many of us connected virtually and still there are so many of us who are deprived of even a single real connection. Yup, it... Read in Detail
  • Why most people dislike their bosses

    “BOSS - Bunch Of Superiority Syndromes”! Well, I still remember this hilarious full-form a participant had shared with me during a workshop I was conducting in my early days in the domain. Since then, the full-form hasn’t left my memory –... Read in Detail
  • How to observe like Sherlock in profession

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary character Sherlock Holmes once says to his friend Dr. Watson “You see, but you do not observe. The distinction is clear”. Well, that statement could well be said by any mentor to a protégé or any leader ... Read in Detail
  • How to deal with oversensitivity

    It’s strange how most people oscillate between the two extreme states of sensitivity, seldom settling at an optimum level, somewhere around the middle, within a range favoring sanity. Those two states are – insensitivity and oversensitivity. ... Read in Detail
  • Formula of understanding human behavior

    No matter how foolproof a process you devise, how flawless a system you build, or how brilliant a plan you sketch out, you will still find two persons standing at both ends of it. And until you have them on board and on the same page, you will ne... Read in Detail
  • How to maintain motivation

    Any achievement of significance has its gestation period – a phase where you only see input going in, with the output still shrouded by the cloud of uncertainty. And going through this period isn’t easy or comfortable. After all, there is act... Read in Detail
  • Why does conflict arise in discussions?

    “That’s not what I meant!”… “Will you please let me complete!”… “Don’t put your words in my mouth!”… “That’s not what I said!”… “This is going nowhere!”… “It is nothing but a figment of your imagination”…... Read in Detail
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