• Formula of understanding human behavior

    No matter how foolproof a process you devise, how flawless a system you build, or how brilliant a plan you sketch out, you will still find two persons standing at both ends of it. And until you have them on board and on the same page, you will ne... Read in Detail
  • How to maintain motivation

    Any achievement of significance has its gestation period – a phase where you only see input going in, with the output still shrouded by the cloud of uncertainty. And going through this period isn’t easy or comfortable. After all, there is act... Read in Detail
  • Why does conflict arise in discussions?

    “That’s not what I meant!”… “Will you please let me complete!”… “Don’t put your words in my mouth!”… “That’s not what I said!”… “This is going nowhere!”… “It is nothing but a figment of your imagination”…... Read in Detail
  • Why most people are unhappy after appraisal

    Carl Rogers, one of the founders of humanistic psychology, suggested that our Self-concept – the frame upon which our personality is based – comprises of three aspects: Self-image – the way we see ourselves; Self-esteem – the value we pla... Read in Detail
  • How to resist temptation and think long-term

    “Now or never”… “Hurry, offer expiring”… “What are you waiting for?”… “Choose it or lose it”… “When it’s gone it’s gone”… “Don’t wait, the time will never be just right”… “Don’t miss it!”… “It e... Read in Detail
  • How to fight distractions and maintain focus

    “Can you please let me focus on one thing”… is the unheard pleading cry of every brain these days. Yes, even while reveling into the boundless opportunities for enjoyable distractions, and indulging into continuously coming ‘heady doses o... Read in Detail
  • Here’s the most ‘natural’ solution to work tensions!

    Today, our lives literally revolve around our work. Whether in terms of number of hours we spend at workplace or the space it occupies on our mind-shelf, the fact remains that the work and matters related to it are mostly on the top of your mind.... Read in Detail
  • Why Happiness Quotient matters at workplace?

    Delve into any human endeavor for its essential purpose and you will find that it always boils down to ‘pursuit of happiness’. All the monies, designations, awards and rewards are eventually targeted at that one abstract emotion that manifest... Read in Detail
  • How to develop solution mindset?

    Some people have a knack of finding solutions. They aren’t the most brilliant person in the room, or even the most resourceful. Yet ideas strike them more often, propositions occur to them more clearly, and they generate more options and choice... Read in Detail
  • How to deal with stress in a new job?

    It’s amazing how almost everyone likes ‘change’ only as long as they have a ‘control’ over it! That is why the moment you come across ‘uncontrollable change’, it takes form of uncertainty, ambiguity, or chaos; and leads to anxiety, ... Read in Detail
  • Is it good to make friends at workplace?

    “Compartmentalize”! Isn’t this the advice that most prudent people have been giving to mere mortals? Yup! That has been the norm for the ‘wise of the world’ to manage one’s life – keep them separate; don’t mix different domains of... Read in Detail
  • Feedback and Performance – the all-important link!

    “Everyone deserves a feedback”! Yes, irrespective of age, domain, or level of job, everyone deserves to know how they are doing in what they are doing. You don’t need to be compelled by a system or guided by a diktat, you don’t need to do... Read in Detail
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