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Emotional & Social Intelligence

Emotional & Social Intelligence essential   

  • Format: Self-paced online-course with prerecorded videos
  • Language: Every video of the course is available in both ‘Hindi’ and ‘English dubbed’ versions.
  • Duration: 4 Hours (videos can be viewed as per convenience, and multiple times)
  • Validity: One year (repeated viewing of the course-videos is recommended)
  • Certification: On clearing an MCQ Test (Difficulty level = High. Multiple attempts possible).
  • Price: INR 3700 INR 999 (all inclusive)

Course Content

Brain & Behavior

A module covering the basics of ‘design & structure’ of brain, thinking mechanism, working of memory system, key-parts of brain, and important neurotransmitters; with special focus on relevance in terms of human behavior.


A module covering the functioning of ANS (Autonomic Nervous System), recognizing & identifying emotions, spotting the roots of emotions, understanding emotional profile, and learning the effects of emotional contagion.


A module covering the detailed knowledge of interpreting the nonverbal behavior – expressions, gestures, postures, vocal cues and personal environment – for understanding someone’s emotions; with special focus on empathy.


A module covering application of the concepts of ‘brain & behavior’, awareness and attunement for learning to respond with ESI; with special focus on workplace-scenarios. It is followed by a ‘Test for Certification’.

Testimonials of Course‐takers

Glimpses of the Course

Note: Though the above glimpses are in Hindi, every video of the course is available in both ‘Hindi’ and ‘English dubbed’ versions.

How It Works

Buy the course

Register by filling-in your details, login through user-id/password you receive through Email/SMS, and buy the course by making payment online.

Do the course

Learn through video-lessons full of interesting animation, clips, enactments and analysis. Feel free to watch as many times as you like, at your convenience.

Get certification

Clear a text-based ‘Test for Certification’ of MCQ format and get ‘Certificate of Completion’. Apply the learnings, and keep revisiting the course.

Who should take the course, and why?

Managers & Leaders (across all industries & levels) For building high-performance teams with ‘sense of belonging’, higher morale, less conflict and less attrition.
Marketing/Sales/Client servicing professionals For greater client-connect, effective pitches, better customer-ratings, higher conversion and reduced stress.
Human Resource & Consulting Professionals For more effectiveness in interviewing, counseling, appraisals, meetings and grievance-handling.
‘Operations & SCM’ Professionals For efficacy in supplier-relations, negotiations, interdepartmental coordination and conflict management.
Teachers, Educators, Coaches and Mentors For enhanced performance in terms of connect, engagement, turnout, involvement, retention and alignment.
Students, Scholars and Teenagers For greater self-management, emotional stability, concentration and sorted thinking.
Healthcare & Medical Professionals For better attunement, accurate diagnosis, apt responsiveness and holistic healing.
Law-enforcement and Security Professionals For effective probing, detection of deception, and proactive management of difficult & hostile situations.
All of us For excelling in roles of parent, spouse, family-member, relative, friend or beloved.
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