Self management and Connection

In one sentence, at Socialigence, our purpose is:

To help people develop the all-important ‘Social & Emotional Intelligence’ for personal fulfilment and professional success”.

However, this purpose has an important point of reference

We all know that humans are social animals and the basis of our social being is ‘interpersonal connection’. One look at our evolution and it becomes clear that we are wired to connect, as there is no other way we would have survived all that we did. But are we connecting anymore? Look around and you would find that if not destroyed, the very basis of our social being is surely under serious threat.

Yes, we are looking less at people, listening to them less, being less mentally-present in conversations and are paying lesser attention to their reactions. The speaking silences and subtle interactions are struggling in the impulsive hands of ‘Poke, Ping & Post’. With decreasing attention span and declining face-to-face contact, people are finding it hard to relate to each other, connect with each other and hold on to relationships. And all this is having an extremely detrimental effect in all spheres of human life – family, society, education, profession and even business.

That’s what makes Emotional & Social Intelligence (ESI) such an important virtue to develop. Emotional & Social Intelligence is essentially ‘the science of managing self and connecting with others’. We, at Socialigence, define it as the “Ability to adapt one’s behavior on the basis of awareness of one’s own emotions and attunement with others’ emotions”.

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Thus, it is a combination of three components – Awareness, Attunement and Adaptability. Awareness is about understanding what you are feeling inside yourself and what is working behind it. Attunement is about observing what is going on inside others or between them, and interpreting those observations to understand their emotions and mindset. And adaptability is about utilizing the awareness and attunement to come up with a response which is most appropriate according to circumstances.

With confluence of these three skills in the form of ESI, we can revive the keystone quality of ‘emotional & social connect’. As a result, on one hand, we will see a decline in depression, divorces, dropouts, attrition and antisocial behaviors; and on the other hand, we will see a rise in mental & psychological health, stability, satisfaction, fulfilment, happiness and prosperity.

At Socialigence, we strive to help people develop these three skills of Emotional & Social Intelligence – Awareness, Attunement and Adaptability – through our ‘video-based online course’ and customized workshops based on extensive research in psychology and neuroscience. Our offerings are focused on simplifying the scientific concepts and teaching them in a relatable way for everyday utility.

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