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About ‘Social & Emotional Intelligence’

Social & Emotional Intelligence is one of the ‘Top 10 work‐skills’ and the fundamental skill of all ‘soft skills’ i.e. interpersonal & intrapersonal skills.

About Us

Socialigence is a venture specializing in the development of ‘Social & Emotional Intelligence’ through its e‐learning course rooted in neuroscience and psychology.

Glimpses of the Course

Note: Though the above glimpses are in Hindi, every video of the course is available in both ‘Hindi’ and ‘English dubbed’ versions.

How It Works

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Register by filling-in your details, login through user-id/password you receive through Email/SMS, and buy the course by making payment online.

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Learn through video-lessons full of interesting animation, clips, enactments and analysis. Feel free to watch as many times as you like, at your convenience.

Get certification

Clear a text-based ‘Test for Certification’ of MCQ format and get ‘Certificate of Completion’. Apply the learnings, and keep revisiting the course.

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