What Is Socialigence

Socialigence is a unique venture specializing in the development of Social & Emotional Intelligence through its online course & customized workshops which are based on extensive research in psychology and neuroscience.

Our offerings are immensely useful for managers & leaders across all the industries and levels of hierarchy, marketing/sales/customer-interfacing professionals, HR & consulting professionals, ‘operations & SCM’ professionals, teachers & mentors, healthcare professionals, law-enforcement professionals, and all of us for excelling in roles of parent, spouse, family-member, friend or beloved.

Note: Though the above glimpses are in Hindi, every video of the course is available in both ‘Hindi’ and ‘English dubbed’ versions.

Online Course

With methodical design and learning-friendly features, our research-based online course develops
the essential skills of ‘Social & Emotional Intelligence’ in an applicable and beneficial manner.

Emotional & Social Intelligence

Emotional & Social Intelligence essential


Who should take the course, and why?

Managers & Leaders (across all industries & levels of hierarchy For building high-performance teams that have ‘sense of belonging’, higher morale, fewer conflicts and less attrition.
Marketing/Sales/Customer-interfacing professionals: For greater client-connect, effective pitches, better customer-satisfaction ratings, higher conversion-rate and reduced stress.
Human Resource & Consulting Professionals For more effectiveness in interviewing, counseling, appraisals, cross-functional meetings, presentations and grievance-handling.
‘Operations & SCM’ Professionals For greater efficacy in supplier-relations, negotiations, interdepartmental coordination and managing conflicts & crisis.
Teachers, Educators, Coaches and Mentors For enhanced performance in terms of connect, engagement, turnout, involvement, retention and alignment.
Students, Scholars and Teenagers For greater self-management, emotional stability, concentration and sorted thinking.
Healthcare & Medical Professionals For better attunement, accurate diagnosis, apt responsiveness and holistic healing.
Law-enforcement and Security Professionals For effective probing, detection of deception, and proactive management of difficult & hostile situations.
All of us For excelling in roles of parent, spouse, family-member, relative, friend or beloved.

How It Works

Buy the course

Register by filling-in your details, login through user-id/password you receive through Email/SMS, and buy the course by making payment online.

Do the course

Learn through video-lessons full of interesting animation, clips, enactments and analysis. Feel free to watch as many times as you like, at your convenience.

Get certification

Clear a text-based ‘Test for Certification’ of MCQ format and get ‘Certificate of Completion’. Apply the learnings, and keep revisiting the course.


Rooted in the researches in neuroscience and psychology, our customized workshops equip participants with applicable techniques to practice ‘Social & Emotional Intelligence’ skillfully at work.


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