Importance Of Social Intelligence

We, at Socialigence, define Social Intelligence as ‘Observing nonverbal behavior and understanding emotions for greater interpersonal effectiveness and self-management’. We believe that in today’s era and more so in the times to come, ‘Social Intelligence’ is and shall be one of the most important qualities for building successful associations and fulfilling relationships.

And our purpose is to help people develop this all-important quality. For that, we aim to offer well-researched and comprehensive ‘training and consulting’ that can bring immensely meaningful changes in people’s emotional selves and their interpersonal relationships.

And we maintain that if that happens then there are subsequent positive-changes assured in all walks of their life. Our courses help you observe nonverbal behavior to understand emotions, and to detect deception. Once you have acquired these skills, they can be used in many different vocations:

  • Managers can use these skills to better understand their team-members’ emotions.
  • Marketing professionals, Sales personnel and people in customer-interfacing jobs can apply these skills for gaining sensitivity to clients’ needs.
  • Recruiters can use these skills to interview the applicants more effectively.
  • Teachers can use the skills to better understand their students’ attitudes.
  • Doctors can spot whether their patients are telling them the truth. This would help them diagnose and treat.
  • Law and security enforcement professionals can benefit immensely from these skills.
  • Most importantly, most of us can use these skills to be a better and more effective family-member, parent, spouse, friend, beloved etc.
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