A blog-post on Social Intelligence – Observing Nonverbal Behavior and Understanding Emotions – by Dr. Sandeep Atre.

“It is good to say it, even when… no one is listening”


In the matters of brain, nothing is that straight forward, yet let’s begin with a premise – Left side of our brain specializes in logic and language, and the right side specializes in emotions and autobiographical memory & images.

Thus, when we explain a procedure, we are predominantly using our left brain. But when we describe a feeling, we are bringing the experiential right brain in collaboration with the linguistic left brain.

As researcher Daniel Siegel found, people who have overactive feelings actually have excessive right-mode flow without enough linkage to the left side. This leaves them overwhelmed and confused.

However, when you write your feelings, then in the process of accessing the left-side for apt vocabulary, the all-important ‘linking’ of left and right sides takes place.
And this brings about the necessary emotional-balance. :-)
Dr. Sandeep Atre, Founder Director, Socialigence – Developing Social Intelligence

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