System Requirements

We support both Windows and Apple operating systems:
Apple OSX
Windows 7 or later
Independent users have reported success with Linux, however we do not support Linux.

A consistent high-quality internet connection is required for the duration of the training. Some features may not work at slower connection speeds.

All programs run on desktop and laptop computer.  For tablet and mobiles, program runs fine on latest browser versions only. We strongly recommend screens larger than 7 inches.

For playing videos and exercises, you must have a browser with HTML5 support and updated Flash Player installed. Click on the link to download latest flash version.

Best viewed on Google Chrome v40 and higher. All recent browsers are supported. Older versions (e.g. Internet Explorer 8) and browsers which cannot support HTML5/CSS3 are not recommended. Make sure your browser and its extensions do not block use of Ajax and Jquery.

Please ensure that the place you are accessing the website from isn’t blocking it by means of a firewall. As in that case, you may not be able to watch the videos.


  • First, please make sure you have the requirements described above.
  • It is best to have no other application running when you use training programs, and only one browser window open.
  • If you experience any inconsistency, we recommend that you clear your browser cache and cookies and then try again (Chrome and Mozilla users may try pressing Ctrl+F5 keys) . You shouldn’t need to delete your browser history. Here are instructions:
  • For other inconsistency issues, sometimes trying a different browser helps.
  • We have not tested for usability with all combinations of browser extensions and add-ons. Try disabling add-ons or resetting your browser to default settings.
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