We, at Socialigence, define Social & Emotional Intelligence as the “Ability to adapt one’s behavior on the basis of awareness of one’s own emotions and attunement with others’ emotions”.

We believe that both at work and in personal domain, ‘Social & Emotional Intelligence’ is one of the most important set of skills for building successful associations and fulfilling relationships.

Our purpose is to help people develop this all-important set of skills. For that, we aim to offer well-researched and comprehensive online courses & customized workshops that can bring meaningful changes in people’s emotional selves and their interpersonal relationships.

By learning and applying ‘Social & Emotional Intelligence’:

  • Managers can develop a better connect with team-members, and bring out the best in them.
  • Marketing/Sales/Customer-interfacing professionals can gain sensitivity to clients’ needs.
  • SCM professionals can be more effective in negotiations and conflict-resolution.
  • HR professionals can be more effective in interviewing, counselling and grievance-handling.
  • Teachers & Mentors can clearly identify their students’ attitudes, needs and problems.
  • Medical professionals can diagnose with more precision and heal more holistically.
  • Law & security enforcement professionals can probe effectively and detect deception.
  • All of us can excel in our roles viz. family-member, parent, spouse, friend, beloved etc.