Founder Socialigence Dr. Sandeep Atre

Sandeep Atre, PhD Founder Socialigence

Dr. Sandeep Atre is an internationally recognized ‘Emotional & Social Intelligence’ Expert and Founder of Socialigence – a venture specializing in development of ‘Social & Emotional Intelligence’ through its specialized online course based on neuroscience and psychology.

He is author of two books “Understanding Emotions Logically” and “Observing Nonverbal Behavior” and is also a noted blogger and writer. In his career of close to two decades, he has trained professionals of more than 50 companies and thousands of students to ‘sort out’ and ‘excel in’ intrapersonal and interpersonal matters.

Dr. Atre is also one of the Founder-Directors of CH EdgeMakers – a leading ‘Coaching and Training’ group of Central India. He has also featured at various prestigious platforms as a ‘Management Speaker’ and has also served on various advisory and editorial boards. He has earned repute for his value-additive innovation and holistic methodology in his domain.

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