Leaders 3

Is leadership about charisma? Or is it about persona? Or about great speeches? Well! In a world with decreasing attention-span and increasing hunger for stimulation, often people confuse extroversion & impressiveness with leadership. But nothing can be farther from truth.

The reality is that “Leadership is not about how good you are, rather it is about how good someone else is in your presence”.It is not about impression…it is about ‘influence’. And the major difference between the two is that in impression, your focus is on ‘you’, and in influence, your focus is on the ‘other person’.

As they say, there are two kinds of people in this world. First, when they enter a room, say “Here I am!” and second, who on entering the room say “Here you are!” Leaders are typically of the second type. They pay attention, they are receptive, they care & value; in short, they have social & emotional intelligence.

We, at Socialigence, define Social & Emotional Intelligence as the “Ability to adapt one’s behavior on the basis of awareness of one’s own emotions and attunement with others’ emotions”.


As one of the Top-10 Future Work Skills according to The Institute for the Future (IFTF), it is the keystone competence for self-management and interpersonal effectiveness across all the industries, functional areas and levels of hierarchy.

It is the root skill for emotion management,interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, team building, empathy, motivation, persuasion,spotting emotions by observing nonverbal behavior (body language),detecting deception,and many others. Yes! It is not about merely IQ, or just EQ, it is about Social & Emotional Intelligencethe hallmark of real leaders.

Dr. Sandeep Atre (Founder-Director, Socialigence)